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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Better Watch Out, Better Not Cry, Your new ARCs are on their way!

Right, so everyone in my household is waiting at the edge of their seats for Santa to come barreling down the chimney. And by "everyone" I mean, my son, and by "their seats," I mean his booster chair and by "the chimney" I mean "through the window," since we don't have a fireplace.


But I'M more psyched for my new ARCs to arrive! (That's Advanced Reader's Copies--the first version of a new book, that gets sent out to reviewers and bloggers and other influential folks.) I'm told that the ARCs of SHE'S SO DEAD TO US are a) BEAUTIFUL and b) going to arrive in my mailbox (or on my front porch) TODAY! I keep looking out the window for the UPS/FedEx/USPS delivery truck like a maniac. Kind of like I did back in eighth grade when I KNEW my mom was getting me that denim The Lost Boys jacket and I knew it hadn't come yet (because I was always the first to get home and see the packages waiting on the doorstep), and I had, had HAD to have it for Christmas or I was just going to DIE!

Double sigh. The jacket did come, by the way, and I still have it. Though I haven't worn it since middle school. I wonder if it would still fit . . . .

Okay, moving on. As soon as I get these lovely ARCs I will take a photo of me with them and post it, because I'm that excited. And if I have enough, maybe I'll give a few away, too! Check back and I'll keep you posted.