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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Having a Wasted Day

Right, so, for those of you who don't know me all that well, I'm kind of a hypochondriac. Not a full-blown crazy, like my friend (who shall remain nameless) who was certain we were all going to die of swine flu before she got a chance to get married (which she did, happily, a few weeks ago), but I have my obsessive moments. And now that I have a son, it's like ten times worse. When I started reading headlines about kids dying of swine flu I stopped even thinking about whether or not I might get it and started sweating it out late at night worrying that he definitely WOULD get it and that he definitely WOULD be one of the unfortunate souls who wouldn't be able to fight it off.

Okay, so maybe I AM a full-blown crazy.

And now I'm sick. Of course. Yesterday morning I was totally fine and kicked ass in BOSU class and everything, and then half an hour after I got home I started coughing. And kept coughing. And am coughing still. Also I'm achey. But I'm having a hard time telling whether that's because I'm sick, or because I moved up from eight-pound weights to tenners at BOSU. Sigh.

This morning I tried to write. I really did. But I gave up after one crap ass chapter in which my serial-killer heroine sounded not like the badass psycho she is, but more like a whiny loser with no spine who might or might not be dying of swine flu. The rest of my day has been spent doing the following:

A) updating my facebook status
B) tweeting
C) reading ew.com
D) writing angry missives to ABC upon learning on ew.com that they're cancelling my favorite new show, Eastwick
E) checking email and hoping for something from an editor that might kick my butt into doing something productive
F) reading
G) watching Big Bang Theory and Desperate Housewives on DVR
H) washing dishes
I) obsessing about whether or not I have the swine flu and whether or not I should breathe on my son when I pick him up from daycare in an hour

Yes, my friends. It's been a wasted day. I'm just hoping for better out of myself tomorrow.