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Monday, October 26, 2009

I Wish I Had Special Powers

Right, so . . . my car died. Last week, I THOUGHT it died when my husband went to Trader Joe's to pick up bananas, came out five minutes later and couldn't get it to start. Turned out that was just the battery. We replaced it and a hundred bucks later, all was well. Yipee!

Then, today, I try to go to the supermarket. Now let me just say that I love food shopping. It's, like, one of my favorite chores in the world. I go up and down every single aisle slowly, taking the stuff I need, checking out stuff I've never noticed, maybe deciding to try something new. It makes sense, I guess, since I like to cook and LOVE to eat, and today I was particularly psyched to go because I was having trouble working and was looking forward to getting something productive done. But alas, as I'm pulling out of my driveway, my car starts to shake, and putter, and shimmy. None of these are good signs. I drive around the block without getting on any major roads and I don't like the way it's acting, so I give up and come home. Two seconds later, the "emissions system light" comes on. I look it up and it says that if the emissions system goes, it could leak potentially hazardous fumes into the passenger cabin. Yeah. I turned the car off. And now it's getting towed to the mechanic.

So what does all this have to do with wishing I had special powers? Well, the first thing I thought of when all this was done was . . . weren't M an I just talking about this over the weekend? How I used to lease cars and how it's kind of a good thing because you always give it back before anything goes wrong? How yes, you do have to put down a new down payment every few years, but at least you KNOW when it's coming. How when you buy a car it could go at any second and then you're smacked with this huge repair bill out of nowhere that you're not prepared for? And I thought huh. So why did I buy THIS car when the lease was up? Why didn't I just lease a new one?

Apparently, it was because I'm stupid.

But anyway, I started thinking that maybe I'm psychic. Maybe we had this conversation this weekend because I knew, somehow, that my car was about to die. For a second I was all psyched. A silver lining! I started to try to remember what OTHER conversations I've had recently so I could figure out what THEY might be telling me.

And then I realized . . . if I really WERE psychic, wouldn't I have known this BEFORE I bought the car and therefore avoided buying the car? Right. So I guess there's no silver lining. Except at least I didn't brake down with B in the car. That would have been a nightmare.

So no special powers for me. And really, if I could have one, it would be the power to teleport. Because then I wouldn't need a car at all. Unless I was going shoe shopping. Because then I'd need it to haul all my purchases home.