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Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Movie Addendum!

Right, so I totally forgot about LOVE ACTUALLY, which is funny, because I watched it the day BEFORE I wrote that blog. Thanks to you guys for reminding me. The scene in the street with Keira Knightley and her husbands bff kills me every time! And I love, love, love when Hugh Grant goes looking for his girlie in the 'hood and baffles all those people and has to sing carols for those little girls. AND when Uncle Jaimie leaves his Christmas before even entering ("I hate Uncle Jaimie) and then goes and proposes to Aurelia who learned English "Just in cases." Sigh . . .

Yeah, Love Actually rules.

And then my bff reminded me that I also forgot THE HOLIDAY, which I can't turn off whenever it comes on. That cottage Cameron Diaz stays in is so . . . Christmasey. And I love Jude Law's kids and the romance between Kate Winslet and Jack Black. Not to mention Kate's friendship with Eli Wallach. Another fabulous entry into the Christmas rom-com genre.

More suggestions? Keep 'em coming!


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