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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Right, so Sunday was, like, the best day EVER as more than 60 Young Adult and Middle Grade authors hit BOOKS OF WONDER in New York City for five straight hours of signing books, chatting with fans, taking pictures and basically gushing all over each other. It was incredible to meet so many fans of both the KATE BRIAN books and the KIERAN SCOTT books. It reminded me there's one good reason to write under multiple names . . . more readers!!! Shout outs to Jackie, Kimberly, Gail, Renee, Amari and all the other cool girls I met that day!

But the other cool thing, for me at least, was getting to hang out with my writerly friends as well as meet a bunch of incredible writers I'd never met before. When I first arrived DAVID LEVITHAN was running around like a madman distributing name tags and trying to make sure everyone who was supposed to be there was, in fact, there. ELIZABETH SCOTT and GAYLE FOREMAN were hanging out by the door, grabbing the authors as they came in to collect money for a gift for the aforementioned DL. There was a huge line all cued up for MAGGIE STIEFVATER as the rest of us looked on in awe, but we managed to cut through the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to COE BOOTH, who blew out her candles in one try. SARAH BETH DURST was chilling with a smile on as always, just waiting for her turn to sign, and then in ran JENNY HAN with mere seconds to spare as NATALIE STANDIFORD stood by, taking it all in. I still had some time before the S's were up, so I ran down to a cafe a few blocks south to meet up with SARA SHEPARD for a late lunch, and when we got back COURTNEY SHIENMEL greeted us with her ridiculously warm smile, while over by the cafe MICHAEL NORTHROP was cracking up everyone in earshot. Soon we had to get down to signing, where I got to meet the incredibly sweet SHANI PETROFF who was seated in the next chair. Then, as I was signing, ELIZABETH EULBERG, SARAH MLYNOWSKI, RACHEL VAIL, AIMEE FRIEDMAN, WENDY MASS and LYNN WEINGARTEN all stopped by to say hello (thanks for the water Lynn! I owe you $2!), and afterward I finally got to meet the fabulous SIOBHAN VIVIAN, a writer I've ALMOST met so many times in the past we've been like two ships constantly passing in the night. Here's a pic of Lynn, Aimee, me and Sara, taken by Natalie!

It was honestly the most fun I've had in a really long time, and I'm already looking forward to next year's event, where I plan to sign copies of SHE'S SO DEAD TO US! I hope to meet YOU there!